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Karaman is not only a city of agriculture and industry. With its rich historical background and natural beauty, it is also a tourism destination. Taking place among the most ancient settlements of Turkey, Karaman meets us with a vestiges from the ancient era. It is also possible to run into traces of ancient civilizations, since Karaman is the cradle of hundreds of mounds some of them still untouched. Also a significant city in regard to belief culture, Karaman accommodates Derbe which is mentioned in the Bible and which has not just been visited multiple times but also live in by Paul the Apostle and is an important place in terms of the Christian belief today within its borders. Carrying its values without losing to future, Karaman is a kind of bridge between the past and the future with its castle, squares, concept of modern city planning and historical fabric. Located at the travel route of tourism centers Konya, Antalya and Cappadocia; Karaman has also an important place in terms of hospitality industry investments.

Cultural Values

There are 343 values in Karaman, which are cultural, administrative, civil buildings, natural monuments, archaeological, urban and natural sites. Besides these; culturally important festivals and celebrations are;

Turkish Language Bairam and Yunus Emre Memorial Ceremonies: Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey, one of the rulers of Karamanoğulları, enacted the law for using the Turkish Language as the official language in 13 may, 1277. As famous sufi and Turkish philosopher Yunus Emre and his family lived and died in Karaman and his grave is still in Karaman, memorial ceremonies are carried on the 13th and 14th of May in the province center.

Kazım Karabekir Pasha Memorial Ceremonies: One of the memorable heroes of the independence war Kazım Karabekir is commemorated in the 26th of January in his homeland; Kazımkarabekir district of Karaman.

Yeşildere Yunus Emre Culture Festival: Grandfather of Yunus Emre; İsmail Hacı's tomb is in Yeşildere town where Yunus Emre cultural festival is celebrated on the 29th of September. 
Ermenek Longing Homeland Festival: It is celebrated between 25-28 of September in Ermenek district. 
Apple Festival: It is celebrated in the Merkez district on 26th of September.  
Hıdrellez Festivals: It is celebrated on the 6th of May in Ayrancı district. 
Cherry Festival:  Başyayla District. 25 June.
Honey Bairam: Sarıveliler District. 29 August(http://wowturkey.com, 2013).


Karaman has a rich varity and potential of handicrafts. The main ones of these are; carpets, rugs, felting, sackcloth woving, pillows, quilts, point lace, hand and machine embroidery, tricotage, macrame, fabric painting, copper handiwork, wood engraving, joinery and furniture. Karaman is famous for its Taşkale carpets, Ayrancı Koraş carpets and yollarbaşı carpets and pillows. The most outstanding motif is tulips in Karaman.

Karaman Cousine

Karaman cousine is similar with Konya cousine as they share a historical and cultural background and Karaman used to be a district of Konya. There are many etliekmek, Fırın kebab, yaprak doner saloons in Karaman like Konya. Karaman has different tastes in its cousine besides it rich history and culture. These dishes are;  Calla, Guymak, Eğey Dolması, Zerde, Mıkla, Arabaşı Çorbası, Sulu Pilav, Yoğurtlu Erişte, Ermenek Pekmez Helvası, Müdür Helvası, Batırık, İlisıra Dolması, Bulamaç, Zeyve Kebabı, Dolaman Yemeği, Tömeken Yemeği.

Touristic Supply

There are 5 tourism operation licensed hotels in Karaman. The bed capacity of these hotels is 507 and the capacity of the hotels at the investment stage is 120 beds. There are 5 municipal certified accomodation businesses in the province, the capacity of which is 235 beds.

Accommodation Businesses

There are 3 4-star, 2 3-star, and 1 2-star hotels in Karaman province. Total capacity of these hotels is; 322 rooms and 627 beds. Besides, there is an investment certified otel. The investment certified hotel has 62 rooms and 120 beds. There are 5 municipal certified accomodation businesses in Karaman and these have a capacity of 145 rooms and 235 beds.