Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey Üniversitesi/ 16th INTERNATIONAL CORROSION SYMPOSIUM



The topics planned to be included in the symposium are presented below. Paper topics are not limited to these titles. Different topics can also be proposed, provided that the general framework of the symposium is followed and the topic is not deviated from.


- Cathodic and Anodic Protection

- Corrosion and Energy Efficiency

- Corrosion and Innovation

- Corrosion and Material Selection

- Corrosion and Protection Methods in Archaeological and Historical Artifacts

- Corrosion and Sustainability

- Corrosion and Technological Advances

- Corrosion Control Technologies and Innovations

- Corrosion Data Analytics and Corrosion Engineering

- Corrosion Formation Mechanisms

- Corrosion Inhibitors

- Corrosion in Automotive and Aerospace Applications

- Corrosion in Fresh Water Transportation Systems

- Corrosion in Metal, Polymer and Ceramic Materials

- Corrosion in Nuclear Facilities

- Corrosion in Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transportation Systems and Storages

- Corrosion in Petrochemicals and Refineries

- Corrosion in Protective Coatings

- Corrosion of Biomaterials

- Corrosion of Composite Materials

- Corrosion of Drinking Water

- Corrosion of Hot Gases and Combustion Products

- Corrosion of Polymers

- Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

- Corrosion Prevention and Nanotacnology

- Corrosion Protection Methods and Systems

- Corrosion Test Methods and Standards

- Innovative Coating Technologies for Corrosion Protection

- Marine Corrosion

- Microbiologically Induced Corrosion

- Plating

- Reinforcement Corrosion

- Training and Awareness in Fighting Corrosion

- Training and Computer Applications of Corrosion

- Tribo-Corrosion and Mechanisms